Tuesday, October 18, 2011

In the beginning........

I'll warn everyone now......I'm not going to post every day in most cases.  Sorry but I just don't have time, hence the name of the blog! 

But, I'll just jump right in and go with it, most of my posts are probably just going to be me rambling but if you don't like it I guess you don't have to read them!

This last week has been busy, but I was able to get away for some R&R with some lovely ladies in the "Buckeye Stitchers".  We rented a lovely house in Berlin, Ohio.  I very much enjoyed sitting up until 1am every night and just sitting, talking and stitching! 

I wish I could show my progress of my stitching but since I'm working on a model for Rosewood Manor I can't do that!  When it's released (next year I believe) you will LOVE it!  I am loving stitching it.

Today I have the day off from work.......but sadly it's to go to the doctor & dentist.  :0(  Oh well, it has to be done I suppose! 


  1. I have a fairly new blog too and only post when I have something to share. I am giving a way two magazines - extras that I had. If you want to join the draw, you should do so soon as I intend to have them in the mail by on Oct 31st. www.fugue-chrisg.blogspot.com

  2. Nice to see you in Blogland, Tina!