Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Another post!

Two blog posts in two weeks...............WOW!!!  LOL, I'm nothing if not one for shock factor. 

Well its been a busy week.  Work has been totally crazy and I can't blink half the time!  But, that makes the days go fast, which is good right?? 


So I have a question, and comments are more than welcome.  Back in July/August I was asked to do a model for a pretty well known designer.  I was asked to use my own floss with the knowledge that I would reimbursed for my floss.  The fabric and pattern were both mailed to me, but the fabric wasn't big enough.  The designer requested me to stitch the model in two different ways, one as individual ornaments and one as a long banner (the banner was almost 6ft long!).  I stitched the ornaments and waited for the next piece of fabric to come so I could stitch the banner.  When the fabric for the banner arrived, I informed the designer that it would take me 3 weeks to stitch the banner, and she agreed that this was just fine. (just in case you didn't already know, 3 weeks would be 21 days)  I was able to stitch the banner and return it to her within 17 days.  When I inquired when I was going to be paid, she informed me that I did not complete it within in the time frame I set.  She also told me that the design was not stitched fully and she had to finish it herself.  When I told her that I did send it in the time frame stated, she informed me that since I didn't finish it in time for her to show it at Baltimore market, she would "think" about paying me.  I talked with another great designer friend (thank you Aury!) and she suggested that I send her a paypal invoice, estimating the cost of floss; the $250 she indicated I would be paid for stitching the items and the UPS shipping (because it was ONLY acceptable to UPS the items, not USPS).  I sent the invoice and gave her a month to pay, she at this point owes me over $330.  I even sent 3 different reminders. 

So here are my questions :

  1. Do I persue legal action?  Is there an ability to file in small claims court for something outside of my state?
  2. Do I "out" the individual?  The issue with questioning this, she uses the same model stitchers because she doesn't stitch and I was a new stitcher with her.  I know in her little "clique" she is highly respected (and pardon the phrase, her friends think her "shit don't stink" as my daddy would say) and my fear is if I tried to out her, no one would believe me (even though I have every one of her emails!)


  1. I'm so sorry this has happened. Have you emailed her the emails you have on file that she agreed to?

    I was hurt my a designer before too. She called me color blind for using the wrong red. The reds she sent were numbered (a needlepoint thread not DMC) I kept asking which number to use and she said the darker one. If you held it under a bright light you could barely see the shade difference. I'm so sorry. Unfortunately I just chalked it up to never stitch for her again.

  2. I am sorry to hear about your troubles with this designer. I can not offer any advise since I have never model stitched. I hope this issue is resolved soon for you.

  3. Take her to small claims court. I know who you're talking about and quite frankly, she's the one in the wrong on this. And 3 weeks is NOT enough time to stitch something that large and extensive anyway. As a designer she should have known this and gave ample time. She screwed up and doesn't want to be held accountable for it.

  4. Sadly, I think we all have stories like this to tell. I no longer do any work for others unless the following conditions are agreed to: 1) All materials are purchased up front by the "employer"; 2) the "employer" agrees to pay $20.00 per hour 1/2 of which is due before the project is started based on the agreed upon time projected to finish the project; 3) full paymet for project is due upon completion for total time spent regardless if projected time line is met and finished project is not handed over until payment is satisfied. No guarantees of the "employers" satisfaction are granted. This is drawn up on a sheet of paper and both parties sign. Sounds harsh; but it really stops people from pursuing me to take on their projects whithout a professional committment to pay me for my time and talent. Try it, you will find that your stitching time will be happily spent for your own projects. :)