Friday, March 8, 2013

Oops.......I did it again!!

Sorry, I have been busy stitching models and haven't spent hardley ANY time online. Sadly this also meant I haven't done any blog posting either! I am currently posting this from my cell phone so I apologize for any spelling andl/or grammatical errors!!!

Some more stitching updates:

These are two round robins I participated in; (not sure where they will show up in the post) I will do a separate post for models that have been released! is what has been going on with me and my family.

I officially went back to school. Only 16 years after I graduates High School. I will be obtaining my Bachelors Degree in Health Services Management. This is actually a perfect degree for me as I currently work for Aetna (medical insurance) and love the industry. I have been working in this industry for 14 years and have no plans to leave it, I just want to enhance my skills.

My husband and I have been prequalified to buy a home!!!! We are in the process of lookingfor our new forever home. So far we have not found the home that we plan to buy but we will keep looking. We have agreed that if we don't find the home we want now we will wait a couple months and look again. Just knowing we are approved is so thrilling.

Have you ever been friends with someone for YEARS and been totally crushed by their actions??? Heartbreak is a way to describe it I suppose. To explain:  I have been friends with on individual for over 10 years. Considered this person to be my best friend. Was there for me through my first marriage and divorce; the birth of my son; my second marriage.........and all of the stuff in between. And I was always there too, no matter the day or time (and those middle of the night calls did happen). My sons birthday party in September, it was confirmed she would be there 2 weeks before the party. The day of, I get a call that she was to busy camping. In September (weekend of my birthday actually) I got a call and this individual made plans to come out for the day and do some stuff together. That day came and call, no text....just never showed. My birthday came and went without a WORD (i have never forgotten theirs). I was upset, but not much I.could do about it. So....I moved on.with my life and waited for her to call. It's now 5 months later, still no word. My breaking point came last weekend when I found out she had taken 3 days off work to celebrate her "best friends" birthday. In and out if bars all weekend. I am done being forgotten. Am I overreacting?? Maybe. But.....I have decided if you can't make.some effort, its not worth my time.


  1. Those are both great RRs! Good luck on the house hunting and school!

  2. Congratulations on all fronts! Sorry about the friend, time to move on which you are doing :)

  3. Beautiful stitching!

    My dad always said "it's a two way street, not a one way street" regarding friendships, relationships and family. Sorry you have to deal with a *friend* treating you that way.

  4. I just love that piece with all the squares. Where is the pattern from? I would be interested in purchasing it or seeing if i can trade someone for it if they don't want it anymore.
    Your pieces are wonderful.
    I am really sorry your "friend" treated you that way. I have been in a similar position and i know its not fun. Heartbreaking really....

  5. Beautiful work! So sorry about your friend treating you that way.